Drone Videography Field Trip


Drone Videography Field Trip

Drone Videography Full Day Field Trip

LOCATION:  Whittier Narrows R/C Area, approximately 9 miles from Pasadena

DATE: Tuesday, Sept 30th, 2014

TIME: 9:45 AM – 6:00 PM

INSTRUCTORS: TJ Diaz (XFly Systems), Ziv Marom (ZM Interactive), Andrew Baker (Drone Media Group), Mannie Frances (Drone Media Group), with special appearances by manufacturers like DJI Innovations, Futaba, Range Video, and more

Price: $595, all inclusive

Sponsors:  DJI Innovations, XFly Systems, ZM Interactive, AMA

Produced by:  FMC Training, Drone Media Group



Learn to Fly Safely and Fly Focused.

Join this all-star roster of Pilot Instructors for a full day immersion into the world of Aerial Videography. Join us in Whittier or catch the air-conditioned bus from the Pasadena Convention Center.  Attendees will break into small groups and experience three (3) distinct Aerial Videography techniques, from basic to advanced, in addition to one-on-one hands-on pilot instruction.

Registration includes round-trip transportation from the Pasadena Convention Center, AMA Membership for 2014, raffle entry, lunch, and onsite small group instruction.

Bonus Sessions- All attendees will receive passes to attend the Next|Video Drone Videography Conference Sessions on Wednesday, Oct. 1st at the Next Video Post|Production Conference at no extra charge.

*All attendees will rotate through each station in small groups throughout the day. Sequence will vary.



Station Descriptions:

Station 1: Fly a Quadcopter (Pilot Intructors)

Hands-on, small group and one-on-one pilot instruction. Learn to pilot a basic quadcopter. Beginners will learn to master the technique necessary for take-off and landing. Intermediate pilots will have time to discuss, train, and attempt more advanced maneuvers. Spend time behind the controls and take a quadcopter for a spin. Learn, Fly, and Capture great footage.

Station 2: Basic Drone Videography rigs and shot techniques (Andrew Baker)

Get an overview of the most common Aerial Videography equipment, including quadcopters (i.e. the DJI Phantom) outfitted with a small form camera (i.e. a GoPro). Participate in evaluating a basic flight plan and experience the way basic shots are achieved.

Station 3: Aerial Videography Monitoring Equipment and Techniques (TJ Diaz, XFly Systems)

Learn to utilize field monitors and goggles to capture the best shots with minimal guesswork. Attendees will work together to monitor flights. Each attendee will have a chance to experience Aerial Videography through the eyes of the drone by wearing goggles and seeing shots in action.

Station 4: Aerial Cinematography – Advanced Equipment and Techniques (Ziv Marom, ZM Interactive)

Using UAVs to simulate jibs and sliders to capture advanced shots and angles adds an incredible, cinematic element to aerial footage. Experience an advanced shot setup, and learn how the pros capture high quality, high motion shots.



Ziv Marom- ZM  Interactive, FlyingPOV

Ziv Marom is the founder of ZM Interactive (ZMinteractive.com) and FlyingPOV.com and a sUAV designer and builder and leader in drone use for cinematography. With an extensive background in motion graphics and visual effects, Ziv is able to blend both technology and art disciplines together seamlessly for feature films, TV and more. Ziv has been involved with robotic technology at an early age, working with unmanned robotic systems in the military for surveillance, security and rescue missions. Now using this knowledge in more creative endeavors, Ziv is pushing the limits of power and lift to carry large payloads for different applications. His latest aerial work can be seen on Expendables 3.

Clients include- Nike, Adidas, Visa, Microsoft, xBox 360, eBay, Paypal, Pink Floyd, Symantec, YouTube, and many more.

TJ Diaz, XFly Systems and XFly Films

TJ is an experienced Aerial Cinematographer, Founder and CEO of XFly Systems, and IT Professional. He has thousands of UAV flights under his belt and countless hours of designing, building and testing Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for Aerial Photography and Videography. TJ holds executive sUAS certifications from Unmanned Vehicle University and is a corporate member of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).

Clients include- Colorado Tourism, XGames, Jeep, RedBull, Porsche/Audi, Pixar Entertainment, JayZ Aerials, Google, NASA, Transport Risk Management, and more.

Andrew Baker- Drone Media Group, Honeywell

Andrew is a Pilot Instructor and sUAS Software Engineer. His love for aircraft began at an early age.  For the past 18 years Andrew has been an Aerospace Engineer designing and implementing avionics systems for Honeywell.  His love of RC flying led him into the area of drones and autonomous flight.  Andrew flies drones commercially in the Phoenix area.  Because of his experience in engineering he can offer design and modification capabilities for his client’s sUAS needs.  Andrew holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a sUAS UAV Fundamentals certification from Unmanned Vehicle University.

Clients include: CrossFit Blade, City of Phoenix, Blade Run, Hard Charge, EAA/AirVenture, OCR Warrior, and more